The overall aim of the aTM projects it to improve the activities and processes that involve the systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement, retention and deployment of those employees which are of particular value to Asian HEI in order to create strategic sustainable success.


* To analyze TM challenges and issues at Asian HEI.
* To carry out a study on the current TM strategies and practices in Asian HEI.
* To design training programs and resources about TM for Asian HEI.
* To prepare an online platform for the development of blended courses on TM.
* To train employees responsible for HR/TM in Asian HEI using a blended approach.
* To build a toolkit for analyzing, designing and implementing specific issues on TM for Asian HEI.
* To create a guideline for the implementation of TM practices in each partner country institution.
* To build an online observatory of TM strategies and practices in Asian HEI.



Working meeting about the meaning of Talent in academia

During the first week of July, we have organised a working meeting to define the meaning of Talent in Asian Higher Educations Institutions (HEIs) inside of the ERASMUS+ project: Promoting Modern Talent Management Practices in Asian Higher Education institutions (aTM). From each partner institution, faculty and support staff participated in the workshop, mainly from China and Malaysia.

On the first day, Prof. Marian Thunnissen from the Institute of HRM and Psychology of the Hogeschool Fontys presented her research about talent and talent management in acamedia. Her magistral speech was structured in three blocks:

(1) Why is talent important in HEIs?
(2) Talent management practices, and how to carry them out, and
(3) the talent management process.

The second and third days focused on the development of a theoretical model about the external and internal strengths in HEIs, and the identification of similarities and differences of talent and talent practices between faculty and support staff in Asian HEIs. During these two days, we used the Lego Serious Play Methodology.

The group was divided into two groups on the fourth day. The coordinators of each HEI met to discuss the project management, while the rest of the participants attended several presentations on current talent management practices at the Instituto Superior Técnico and in Lisbon/Portugal.

The fifth and final day focused on dissemination. A small workshop was held with the aim of defining a dissemination plan and involving more Asian HEIs. Finally, there was a wrap up. We decided to change our twitter hashtag to #aTM-EUproject.
Next training and meeting will be hold at University of Perpignan in Perpignan (France) between October 21st and 25th, 2019.

The kick-off meeting of the aTM Project

This week we have organised the Kick-Off meeting of the ERASMUS+ project: 'Promoting Modern Talent Management Practices in Asian Higher Education institutions' (aTM). Twenty-eight faculty and support staff from 6 countries have participated, although most of them were from China and Malaysia.

On the first day, the meeting focused on getting to know each other. To discover the personal and professional expectations of each one, and to identify our motivations. The second day focused on project management: internal communication, external communication, dissemination, financial management, project management, quality management, etc. The third and final day focused on Work Package 1. A small workshop was held with the aim of identifying what each participant understood by talent and talent management in academia.

We also discuss the project's website and social networks. Firstly, the web address is at, And the main social network is twitter with the hashtag #aTMproject.

Next meeting will be hold at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon (Portugal) between July 1st and 5th, 2019.


CBHE Grantholders' Meeting 28 - 29 January 2019

Eva Gallardo-Gallardo (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech, Spain), Miaozhuo Niu (Beihang University, China), and Vicenc Fernandez (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech, Spain) assited to the Grant Holders' meeting of the newly selected Capacity Building for Higher Education (CBHE) projects at the Management Centre Europe (Brussels, Belgium).

Resultado de imagen de brussels

This two-day meeting was addressed to the representatives of CBHE projects selected under the Call for proposals EAC/A05/2017. Its overall aim was to address in detail practical issues related to the implementation of the project, the management of the grant agreement and the financial rules applicable to the CBHE grant. The meeting was also an excellent opportunity for new and experienced practitioners to network with other projects.

During the CBHE Grantholders Meeting Eva Gallardo-Gallardo, Miaozhuo Niu, and Vicenc Fernandez met with the Project EU Officer: Ms. Antonella Giorgio. We were discussing about some strategic issues to achieve the project's objectives. The meeting was quite productive, and we are sure that with her support we will be able to meet all our expectations.


  • Online Observatory of Talent Management Practices in Asian Higher Education Institutions (under development)
  • Dissemination materials (under development)
  • Video Promotion (under development)